Unarmed vs Armed Security Guards


Unarmed Vs Armed Security

Guards - Which Is Right Fit For Your Business ?

Security is the main concern of every business owner. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that employees and your property remain secure during and after business hours.

Visibility of security guards whether armed or unarmed adds an extra layer of protection. Visitors and even ourselves feel protected when we are surrounded by security guards.

Every business has a unique set of security requirements depending upon its size and the risk involved. In this blog, we will explore the answer to this common question.

But first of all,

Let’s explore the duties and responsibilities of armed and unarmed security guards in Surrey

Armed Security Guards

The primary role of armed security guards is to ensure the safety of property, life and premises. It is the responsibility of an armed security guard to protect life, property and premises against risks and threats.

As the name suggests they are licenced to keep weapons with them. These security guards are specially trained to cope with the circumstances of extreme risks and threats with weapons. They are also called armed security officers.

Qualities of an Armed Security Guard

An armed security guard officer must have good moral character, good grooming, physically fit, polite, mentally sound and good communication skills. He must be proficient in handling firearms. He/she needs to be calm and confident to handle stressful situations.

Usually, we see armed security guards in banks, high emergency areas or personal bodyguards.

Armed Guard Security Officer Responsibilities

  1. Protecting people and locations from any kind of abuse or harassments, physical attack, robbery etc.
  2. Trained in handling weapons and arms in case of any emergency.
  3. Using weapons in times of life-threatening situations and protecting life and money.
  4. Recording the details of each individual who visits the area and note their incoming and outgoing time.
  5. Perform armed security tasks in accordance with basic security practices.
  6. Quick response to any kind of crime regardless of waiting for police to come.
  7. Monitor security cameras and regularly check the area for the peaceful running of business activities.

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Your Security Eagle Eye’s Responsibility

Unarmed Guard Security Officer Responsibilities

Like armed security guards, the main responsibility of armed security guards is to ensure the safety of property, life and premises. They are not allowed to keep nor are they trained to use weapons. They are primarily trained to prevent crime and not respond to it.

Usually, we notice unarmed security guards at entry points of malls doing security checks, managing crowds in stadiums, in clubs or outside factories etc.

Qualities of an Unarmed Security Guard

The qualities of unarmed security guards are the same as that of armed security guards except they are not licenced to use arms in case of a life-threatening situation.

Oftentimes unarmed security guards have to fulfil the role of gatekeeper.

Unarmed Guard Security Officer Responsibilities

  1. They may have to serve as a gatekeeper in small premises.
  2. They control and maintain records of the entrance and exit of visitors, employees or any other physical thing in their duty area.
  3. Some of the security checks also demand visitors identification proofs or mobile phones. So unarmed security guards make sure to handle visitor’s belongings with responsibility.
  4. Performing security checks when visitors enter and exits on respective premises.
  5. Maintaining law and order in large gatherings like in the stadiums.
  6. When a situation of violence emerges then they are the first line of action. They are the ones to call the police and temporarily restrain the person until local police come.
  7. Inform authorities if some violation of policies takes place or if they are suspecting some kind of alarming situation in future.
  • Other responsibilities like CCTV surveillance, Fire watch security services, mobile patrolling, responding to the phone calls of employers etc.

Now we have understood the difference between armed and unarmed security guards.

Here The Question Comes: Which Type of Security Guard Should You Hire?

These points will help you in answering your question

Access Your Security Requirements

The first step is to completely analyze your business requirements like the area in which you are operating, the risk involved, your assets, surroundings, after hour work risks etc.

However, a professional security company might help you in accessing your security requirements. But here are a few things that you as a business owner must keep in mind before making a choice between armed and unarmed.

Unoccupied Buildings

There are some buildings in every business which remain unoccupied by people like warehouses to store inventory, your parking area, store houses etc. Most of the incidents of robbery and mishappenings like fire accidents, hazardous material mishandling etc. are reported in these areas because they are mostly ignored. Just because your business is closed doesn’t mean that it is protected from natural disasters.

If the inventory present in your warehouse is expensive then the chances of robbery also increase. In this case, you may need armed security guards with a combination of CCTV surveillance. But if your warehouse has usual inventories then you need a patrol security guard. Mobile security guards are professionally trained to cope with these kinds of unexpected things.

Your Neighbourhood

The security requirements depend on your neighbourhood whether your surrounding area is highly populated or it’s far from the city.

So, a security company will tell you about the vulnerabilities of your neighbourhood and provide you with a clearer idea of what type of security services you need.

Off Business Hours Protection

There are some activities in your business that must be performed after or before business hours. An example of this scenario is employees working overtime, cleaning or sanitizing the workplace, night shift workers, loading or unloading of stock, logistics etc.

Who will take care, if your employee or cleaner forgets to lock the doors ?

For this, you need strict security guards.

Your vendors may not respect your 9 – 5 timings. The deliveries may be early morning or late nights. So keeping track of these vendors which are not under your direct control is also important. As a business owner, it is your responsibility that everyone is safe.

Again here also comes the risk of life, mishappenings or robbery. So, for off business hours, you definitely need Armed Security Guards. You also need mobile patrols, emergency security guards and CCTV surveillance security guards.

Eagle Eye security Ltd. is specialized in accessing your business security requirements and offers you a variety of solutions like static security guards, mobile patrol security, armed security guards etc. So get a quote from us today.

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