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What We Offer

Alarm response

Our officers take rapid action to specified alarm response, 24/7. They will conduct complete security audits and full inspection of your belonging and property as per the directions.

Static Security Guard

We provide dedicated Security Guards for Homes, Businesses etc. Our deployed officers take complete care of your fences and respond quickly in the time of an Emergency.

Mobile Patrols

Our Mobile Patrolling teams are up for protecting your fences 24/7. Our officers are well trained to take action towards any type of security breach in and out of your property areas.

Event Security

We provide top-notch Event Security teams for any type of Event, function or gathering. The officers are well-equipped with required ordnance to tackle heavy situations.

24 Hour Service

Our teams of well-trained security officers are ready 24/7 to combat any theft, burglary, property loss/harm situations and prevent any such activities in and around your property.

CCTV Surveillance

We provide installation of CCTVs with sirens that go off at the time of a security breach, and smart box microphone speakers, through which the Guard can directly warn the thief.

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