Pitt Meadows Security Guard Services

Always here to guard you and your city. 

You can trust Eagle eye security Ltd, for reliable and professional security services. We have trained and licensed guards that never compromise the safety measure to protect you and your property. 

Security Guard Services 24 Hours 

We can offer you security guard services continuously i.e. whole day and night. We tailored reliable security solutions for all businesses from construction to retail. Guards can be assigned as per the needs of the buildings and requirements by the owner so that we can ensure, you are trusting the proper security guards. 

Hire residential, commercial, and industrial security services for 24 hours. 

Alarm Response Services Pitt Meadows

If you have installed a home alarm system, but no one is here to take action in case it is triggered, then this can be useless to install one. Hire alarm security guards, who would be liable to check and maintain the alarm systems as well as to take corrective actions.



24/7 Security
Affordable Security Guards
Full Control And Protection
Trusted, Professional, Reliable

Mobile Patrol Security

Mobile Patrol Security Services Pitt Meadows

Access to highly trained and professional guards for patrolling your premises. Hire them to protect your loved ones, staff, and assets. Guards will ensure authorized access and monitor suspicious activities. Mobile patrolling security guards are the best technique to prevent theft and vandalism. 

Customized Solutions For Mobile Patrolling Services:

We know the needs of each client vary according to peak hours, budget, management, property type, and equipment. Considering this, we create tailored customized solutions and are a one-stop solution for your security needs. Consult us and plan out what best plans you can get from us.

Fire Watch Security Services In Pitt Meadows

Nothing can be more frustrating than fire safety equipment that fails to function when required, whether in commercial or residential space.

Fire Watch Security Guards For Commercial:

Fire watch guards doing double duty for your commercial premises. Ensure there is no carelessness zone left for your workplace.  You can hire  fire watch security guards for any type of commercial and industrial space.Guards are well-trained to monitor large premises.  Considering the BCFC (British Columbia Fire codes), we provide a reliable fire watch security guarding your building 

Fire Watch Security Guard For Residential:

Access to fire prevention techniques and systems and protect your home from fire disasters. Hire trained security guards, to monitor your residence. They will follow fire prevention activities, evacuate people in case of a fire explosion, and also ensure that emergency exits are cleared. Not only this, but they are also liable to report their concerns to the designated person.

Static Security Guards Pitt Meadows

Static Security Guards Pitt Meadows

We are providing the best source of security. With years of experience, we never deprived our clients of satisfactory services. We offer real-time guarding and also digital reports with the images. All our static security are accountable and set high standards of services with a valid license. 

As per the requirement of the clients depending upon their budget and conditions, we provide guards to fit your needs. Our concern is only to protect you.

Hotel Security Guards Service Pitt Meadows

With the capability to handle emergencies, we have diligently trained hotel security guards to better deal with fire alarms and home security alarms.


Hotel security services include 

  • Alarm response security guards 
  • Fire watch guards 
  • Provide safe walkways to guests 
  • Mobile patrolling guards 
  • Loss prevention security guards.

Loss Prevention Security Guard Pitt Meadows

Get the eyes of protection at your workplace. Prevent theft from the employees at the retail store. Loss prevention security guards are analytical enough to identify and catch the thieves.
  • Develop simple policies with a particular goal.
  • Determine the high theft merchandise and inspect those.
  • Choose the right devices to protect products.
  • Improve the hidden spots at the stores. 
  • Teamwork. 
  • Retail stores 
  • Events
  • Hotels 
  • Offices 
  • Homes 
  • Hospitals 
  • Warehouses
  • Malls 
  • Financial institutes
Loss Prevention Services In Vancouver

Event Security Guards Pitt Meadows

Host the event in Pitt Meadows and joy the moment in safety. Around the clock, our guards would be with you. Along with the static security guards, we have qualified event security guards to watch and prevent a fire disaster. 

  • Concierge security guards 
  • Handle emergencies
  • Control the access to parking
  • Manage illegal access to events 
  • Control the crowd and respond to incidents
first Event Security Guards Pitt Meadows
Second Event Security Guards Pitt Meadows

Surveillance Systems Security Guard Services

For any kind of residential property, event, hotel, mall, retail store, or institution, having security guards to surveil the CCTV cameras and videos would be an ideal option. Make sure you are hiring vigilant security guards, who are good for identifying suspicious activity/behavior. They can prevent illegal acts and loss. 

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