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Eagle Eye in Burnaby stands as a top-notch security company. We ensure your workplace, construction site, business site, or home is secured. We specialised in offering you the best safety experience. Your security is our priority.

Security Guard Services Burnaby

Eagle Eye is the best solution when you consider hiring a reputable security company to safeguard your property. 

Our security company has expert guards who best meet your needs, whether you’re trying to secure your business or simply want an extra layer of security for your residence in Burnaby.

All of our clients receive the highest possible level of protection and safety. 

We are a lot different from other security companies as we pay more attention to client’s prerequisites. 

As the best security company in Burnaby, Eagle Eye Security owns experienced and skillful security guards who can manage working in a dynamic environment.



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Security Services Burnaby

Eagle eye security Ltd., offers many security services in Burnaby. Here are some of them are below:

Event Security Services In Burnaby

Event Security Services In Burnaby

Our security officers have the necessary training to manage the crowd at various densities.

Eagle Eye security guards observe everything while on duty and report if any suspicious activity occurs.

Our event security officers are expertly trained to handle such circumstances with ease.

We offer services ranging from small private gatherings to full-service events in bigger venues as a security supplier for special events. 

You are free to choose how many guards you want to enlist. We have a strong security personnel backup to quickly address your needs.

To ensure that your event goes off without a hitch and in safety, our fully trained officers maintain vigilance. Everything is managed and controlled comprehensively, from setting up the basic security details to tying everything up.

Mobile Patrol Service

Mobile Patrol Service

Eagle Eye Security offers the best and widest selection of mobile patrol services when your company needs site-wide protection. 

We provide a wide range of security services that are adapted to your company’s needs and financial constraints and will assure you that your assets, personnel, and guests are secure at all times.

For many business owners, mobile security patrols are one of the most efficient and cost-efficient protection choices. 

We offer security patrols for a variety of locations, including parking lots, construction sites, retail and commercial buildings, and residential neighborhoods. 

We take great satisfaction in providing the most specialized services possible, so we can guarantee that our customers’ security needs are handled round-the-clock.

Loss Prevention Security Officers

Loss Prevention Security Officers

The safest and least expensive method is to prevent theft from happening in the first place, and security guards can help you accomplish those goals.

Loss Prevention Security guards offer services to improve each customer’s experience in addition to preventing theft and robbery.

Guards from Eagle Eye Security are taught to recognize behaviors that frequently signify a theft is taking place. They know how to communicate effectively with law enforcement in the event of an issue and deal with a shoplifter in a kind yet forceful manner.

The best theft deterrent is having a qualified loss prevention security officer on duty.

Our security guards are equipped with the knowledge you need to prevent burglars and protect your property, saving your money and providing you peace of mind.

Vancouver Concierge Security Services

Concierge Security Services Burnaby

Our officials are professionally equipped with the necessary training and experience to manage any circumstance that may arise. They accurately represent you, warmly serve the residents, and maintain composure in the face of intrusions, crises, and conflicts.

We make sure that every member of our security staff is well-trained, well-groomed, and capable of handling a variety of scenarios because they represent your building.

Our skilled security concierge guards are well-versed in managing service systems, taking primary security precautions, and emergency first aid procedures. 

All of our guards learn communication and advisory skills, which are improved by regular security training and credentials, as part of the high customer focus that guides our concierge service.

Hotel Security Guards Burnaby

Hotel Security Guards Burnaby

Eagle Eye firm is here for all your security needs. To secure your hotel’s property and everyone on it, our security professionals are on duty with keen eyes around the clock. It gives visitors and employees a sense of security and reduces the likelihood of danger in the environment.

Our mission is to offer your hotel the sense of security that comes from our training. We are trained to recognize, address, and eliminate hazards as soon as they enter the environment.

We have skilled employees, who have years of experience in the fields of security, hospitality, and client service, to carry out the services we have to offer.

By offering the greatest solutions to our cherished consumers, we have been able to set a benchmark in this industry since the moment we entered it.

Fire Watch Security Guards In Burnaby

Fire Watch Security Guards In Burnaby

By having security industry practical experience, our firm is composed of professional and experienced guards that are prepared to manage your security task.

For the greatest fire watch security services, you should choose a reputable security service company and Eagle Eye will surely prove itself the best fit for your security needs.

Hiring experienced fire security guards can be the best alternative to decrease your liability, our top fire watch security guards are prepared to complete the work for you.

To safeguard workers and minimize losses and property damage, these guards must be present at all times.

Eagle Eye’s skilled and trained fire watch guards can spot possible fire hazards and save lives.

Security Guards For Construction Site

Security Guards For Construction Site

One of the best ways to prevent all kinds of crimes that are frequently committed on a construction site is to have security guards on duty. Use expert guards who are qualified to secure huge building sites to keep your valuable items secure.

No matter how you look at it, construction sites are insecure. Every risk assessment for a building site must take effective security measures into account.

With the greatest level of attention to detail, dependability, and courtesy, we identify and avoid dangers, accidents, and damage at construction sites.

Our specially designed construction security program is based on your requirements and efficiently prevents any prospective thieves from interfering with your urgent job. 

Our specially designed construction security program is based on your requirements and efficiently prevents any prospective thieves from interfering with your urgent job.

Security Monitoring (CCTV) Services Burnaby

Our team of experts can provide real-time video surveillance, track risks, follow intruders, alert authorities, and sound alarms as needed through remote video monitoring. We offer trustworthy CCTV security with complete control and accessibility.Instead of you, our security personnel will monitor everything with CCTV surveillance. We are a top provider of CCTV monitoring services with security options for both business and non-business assets. Our remote CCTV services make it possible to monitor your location around the clock, ensuring onsite security and safety.

Alarm Monitoring Services In Burnaby

Alarm Monitoring Services In Burnaby

A security alarm is a device used to identify intrusions into a structure or other locations, like a home or school, including unauthorized entrances.

The ability to monitor your property across helps you keep your belongings safe and safeguard your family and employees. The alarm system itself serves as a layer of protection. 

One of the top alarm and monitoring businesses in Burnaby is us. 

Our area of expertise is offering reasonable alarm security services to our clients. Our security staff is equipped to defuse hostile situations and protect your site.

We strive to provide you with an outstanding client experience from start to finish.

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