Security Guards in Port Moody

The professional security team is for you

Being safe and secure have no substitute. For yourself and your property hire Reliable Security Services Port Moody. 

Eagle eye security ltd started in 2016 with the mission to provide versatile, patronizing service to our clients. We mainly focus on the two keys professionalism and integrity. 

24-Hour Hotel Security Monitoring Services

Securing you is our business

Hope your guests would have fond memories when they leave your property. An unintended consequence of crime can ruin the stay of your guests which directly affects your hotel’s reputation. Preventative hotel security can be available through a well-maintained system and trained monitoring security guards. Security personnel would ensure that your guests and their belongings are safe. 

Even in the case of a medical emergency, security guards would be trained for first-aid treatment. Let’s hand over the charge to protect your staff and guests to us. Hotel security guards are also responsible for handling the staff’s security issues.

For ongoing and expert monitoring, hire professional guards from Eagle Eye Security Ltd. We are your security guard specialist. Knowing your requirements and hotel structure, your security system will be planned.



24/7 Security
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Loss Prevention Security Guards Port Moody

Secure: your assets and belongingness.  

Hiring security guards can help prevent the loss. Whether it is commercial or residential, hiring security guards for loss prevention would always be beneficial. 

Security guards are trained enough so they can spot suspicious behavior and catch the thieves. In the hotels, there must be expert loss prevention security guards, so that your guest and staff have peace of their belongingness. They patrol the hotel premises and ensure overall safety.

Fire Watch Security Guard Services Port Moody

Take corrective actions against fire explosions. 

 Fire destruction can be because of a careless job, but fire prevention is our job. We ensure the safety of lives and property from fire. 

Fire watch security guards are trained to use fire safety tools. Regular check-ups of the fire systems, clearance of the emergency exit, keeping safety kits in hand, and replacing the fire extinguishers if they expired are some of the responsibilities of the fire watch security guards.

Concierge Security Guard Port Moody

Get the pinnacle of reliable security services with this hybrid security role. Concierge security guards are front-of-house security that assists guests and customers. Role adapts as per the requirement of the client.

Security Specialist

Eagle eye security Ltd has licensed security guards with the right level of educational qualifications and communication skills.  They will maintain safety and manage the entry and exit from unauthorized access. Keep and maintain records of activities, especially irregularities and emergencies. 

Customer Service

Having good communication skills with the art of keeping calm under the pressure must be appreciated. Guards will Greet, check-in, and direct the visitors. They will respond to and assist with the calls. 

Static Security Guards in Port Moody

Hire Static security guards and cover yourself with security measures. While performing the vital role, static security has to do regular patrolling. 

Static security guards are available in any type of commercial and residential property. Whether you are looking for guards for your hotels, events, personal properties, your workplace, we provide for all.

Static Security Guards in Port Moody

Alarm Response Security System

Detect unauthorized entry 

Home security systems are designed to detect intrusion if any unauthorized entry tries to enter the building. Alarm response security systems are used in commercial, residential, and industrial.  It can help in preventing property damage, and burglary. 

Imagine you are away from home, your home alarm trigged and we just hope you have already Eagle eye’s security guards. Hiring security guards for quick alarm response can be beneficial in all terms, whether you are home or not. 

24*7 Monitoring Services

Hiring alarm response security guards to ensure all-day and all-night monitoring of your property. Your property will be in safe hands if you hire a professional security guard. Our trained security guards are capable of responding quickly and taking corrective actions.

Besides the daily monitoring, security guards also offer daily reports to the owners of the property.

Construction Site Security Guards

Trained and licensed professional guards are here to control unwanted people to access the construction site. Since they are trained enough to detect suspicious behavior, they can prevent damage to sites and other tools. 

For fire watch, you can hire specialized fire watch security guards, to avoid any fire damage to the property. Security guards will maintain and check the fire systems on the construction sites and take corrective actions immediately in case of any doubt. 

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