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Are you looking for security services in Abbotsford?  Highly trained professionals can serve you with the highest quality of security here.

Eagle eye security services in Abbotsford are completely reliable and always prepared to provide well-trained security personnel and up-to-date technology to assist you, along with local law enforcement when needed.  

Well-experienced and highly-trained security personnel is rapid to assess your building or your property security requirements and potential threats and deploy qualified professionals to secure your premises, enhance ROI, and ensure operational continuity.

24/7 Security Monitoring Services

guards detect suspicious activity by actively watching the fire disasters. Fire watch security guards also spot other criminal activities. 24/7 monitoring services can protect outsmarting burglar threats and your home from damage.

In case of any emergency, our trained professionals will respond quickly to reduce the damages.



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CCTV Services Abbotsford

CCTV Services Abbotsford

Being technologically upgraded, Abbotsford CCTV security services are even more effective. When you decide to choose security services in Abbotsford, you should make sure to hire vigilant and observant guards for CCTV surveillance security.

Why Do You Need CCTV Security Services?

  • Security guards provide you with a physical visual deterrent from crime.
  • Security officers are like extra pairs of eyes and ears at all times.
  • Their presence is purposeful and they provide multiple solutions in different scenarios.
  • Customers in your area feel much safe and secure in the presence of security guards.

  • When a threat is discovered, they provide a quick response time.

  • Security guards are well-trained to coordinate with different departments in tough situations.

  • Security plays an important role in huge gatherings. They maintain order and prevent the risks of mob fights, riots, or disorderly conduct.

  • Professional security guards can handle all unpleasant situations, and knowing that you and your business are protected will provide you peace of mind.

Fire Watch Security Services Abbotsford

Fire watch is a necessary security service in which highly trained security guards are deployed to patrol a property or business to identify fire hazards. This service can also be categorized as a preventive security service where costly fire outbreaks can be prevented before they occur. They are especially deployed in areas like construction sites as they are highly vulnerable to fire watch inspections. Fire security guards are also suitable for businesses or properties where the fire alarm system or safety equipment isn’t up to the mark.

Besides patrolling they also audit fire safety equipment, check the emergency exits, and walkways, and report fire safety concerns.

Static Security Guards Abbotsford

Static Security guards in hostile regions usually protect the internal permit of a site. They look for entry barriers, check the IDs of the visitors, and log them into the visitor’s book. They also check the content of the bag to ensure no illegal or banned weapons are accessing the premises. 

The role of the static security guard is not limited to just standing at a gate for the whole shift of their job. The Static security guard force can be tasked with the vehicle and personal searches, dog patrols, and quick reaction forces according to the situation. 

Reasons Why Static Security Guard Services Are In High Demand?

  • The perception of increased crime can create social unrest. Here the demand for security services increases for your residential and commercial places.  
  • The mere presence of security guards decreases the rate of theft and other dangers thus, also decreasing your insurance needs for every asset to some extent. 
  • Ability to evaluate pre-event threats and trained in dealing with unexpected situations.  
  • They give a sense of safety and security when you are inside or outside your premises.

Loss Prevention Security services

Loss prevention security guards are trained with the foremost qualities, being vigilant and observant, to detect doubtful behavior to reduce crimes and theft.

Reasons To Hire Them Are Numerous. Some of Them Are Listed Below:

  • Majority of retail establishments a large majority of theft is done by employees. The presence of loss prevention security guards creates vigilantism and stops employees to take such criminal actions.
  • Security officers also train employees to identify thieves, as many employees may not be aware of the warning signs, but a skilled guard can train them very well.
  • Professional guards have trained eyes to spot any suspicious activity occurring in or outside the building. Guards have a good command that they can identify any suspicious person from their body language.
  • Loss prevention security guards are evidence during certain investigations and they also cooperate with law enforcement agencies when in need.

Event and Concierge Security

Concierge service in Abbotsford is based on the “customer partnership” philosophy and our capability to tailor a courtesy officer to fit the unique building security needs of our customers’ properties. Businesses can hire concierge services for better security of assets, ensuring employee safety, building administration, and receiving people professionally. For an event in Abbotsford, event security services are provided with a double role as gatekeeper and front desk.

Many other event Security guards services in Abbotsford are provided for crowd control and venue safety at gatherings of various sizes, such as weddings, conferences, trade shows, and other corporate functions, concerts, festivals, and various social events to mitigate risks in high-visibility and high-public interaction places.

Alarm Security Guard Services in Abbotsford

Alarm security is the first line of the guard for protecting your property. In the case alarm is triggered, the alarm response security guards will access your property and investigate the cause. Also, they will set back the home system.

You can watch your property when you are away, but what if the home alarm is triggered and you could not reach it? In that case, Alarm response security guards can be savers. 

Having alarm security along with video surveillance prevents crimes themselves; burglars think twice before they enter your property.

Experienced security guards can better tackle such a situation, and that can be a considerable reason to hire them. With this physical strength, they are also qualified for technical knowledge, and they would be liable to check, repair, and maintain the home security alarm systems. 

Hire alarm response security guards for your commercial and residential building and joy the feeling of being safe.

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