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If you want to protect and secure your home or offices from certain things like who penetrates in your absence or for controlling thefts, then you must visit Eagle Eye Security Company for video surveillance, CCTV security guards in Surrey, Vancouver, Langley and Maple Ridge BC. You can easily keep records and trace anyone visiting your premises with full control and accessibility. A security CCTV guard service is the most preferred option for receiving CCTV security services and that can be controlled too using a mobile application by our ecurity guard. Protect your dear and near ones for 24*7 using Eagle Eye Security’s CCTV monitoring security guards in Surrey, Vanncouver, Langley and Maple Ridge BC.

Services Offered:

Eagle Eye Security is a Surveillance Systems Security Guard Company, which offers the highest quality of CCTV security services for the well-being of the citizens in Surrey BC. We even provide same-day services at your home or offices. We are a CCTV Security Company that offers high-skilled and experienced professionals who will retrieve the improper actions and offer quality security services in Surrey and Vancouver, Langley and Maple Ridge BC.
Also, the life alert response raises alarm during any emergency taking place. The life alert comes with a medical alert and a panic button. A medical emergency can be arising at any time and so, you don’t have to worry about the security of your home and your belongings during any medical emergency as this alarm offers 24/7 services by the experts who take complete care of your buildings and property. They will perform complete security checks and audits following the guidance. This is especially done by keeping in mind for the senior citizens as it gives them the liberty to live freely without concerning much for their belongings.
It comes as a wireless and waterproof wristband or pendant that has switches at your comfort. When you push the button, it will transmit an indication to our monitoring halt where our expert officers are present for ensuring complete 24*7 security services instantly. Not only this but we ensure that our alarm responses can be even treated as your panic button during any emergencies such as theft taking place at your home or any other intrusive activities. We even ensure that with the usage of such features in our Security CCTV camera, alone workers are also able to receive the complete advantage of this panic button and video surveillance, CCTV. It gets an easy process to install at your property using a landline or wireless. You can prefer any installation process and thus, when you require the need to push the panic switches, our experts at the monitoring platform in Vancouver will send the correct officials to verify and perform the security work.
Eagle Eye Security Company is ready to offer 24-hour monitoring security services for our customers. We ensure proper video surveillance, CCTV, and security alarm services in Vancouver. We are a Vancouver-based ULC monitoring station, and so, we are very near to our clients across Canada. It also allows us to have an appropriate control through the reckon for monitoring and offering complete security servicing. We are equipped with a skilled technician who is always ready to support you technically in Canada. We are incorporated with the Canadian Alarm and Security Association, and so, we offer the best quality for providing installations and security services. Also, our ULC monitoring encompasses theft and fire alarm security services as well. You are not even required to bother for your security in case your phone connections are malignant to our cellular monitoring proficiencies. This technology ensures security on phone connection negligence. If your phone line is disrupted or malignant to function properly, this service utilizes an old cellular network to transmit the alarm indication.
Eagle Eye Security Company is ready to perform fast installation, complete maintenance, and proper alarm responses across our local served areas of Vancouver. We are good at performing our services all day long and 24*7 security services. In reality, we can hold more servicing calls on a similar day. So, if you want to ensure the safety of your loved ones and property completely 24*7 then, contact us by calling us on the number provided on our site. You can even prefer us through local calls or prefer dialing a toll-free number for a discussion and an evaluation for complete 24-hour ULC monitoring for your personal belongings and security.

Frequently Asked Questions

CCTV (closed-circuit television) surveillance is a kind of monitoring in which TV systems are used to keep an eye on public activities and assets for security purposes but, signals are not publicly distributed.
A CCTV is a video surveillance system that helps record images and videos in a home, business property, and even on the roads for security purposes. The camera works by monitoring, recording video images and transmitting them to a monitor.


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