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Eagle Eye Security Services is the leading and most trusted security company in Surrey that assists you by providing the best protection. With our exponential service, your property is secure. Our concern is your safety.

Security Services Surrey

We are the best security service provider in Surrey because we deliver affordability, efficiency, and convenience all at the same time to our clients. We steadfastly stick to the “Client First” principle while providing our clients with professional, world-class, and uninterrupted service. We have repeatedly shown that you can rely on us completely, even during significant crises, without compromising your business continuity plan.

Our staff members have the knowledge and training necessary to adapt to the rapidly shifting business environment. Whether you are a business owner or any property owner you do not need to worry at all about the protection of your assets as well as your family or employees. Eagle Eye Security is here to help you to overcome any fear of loss, theft, or harm to lives. We give special attention to training our guards so that they can serve efficiently. Our comprehensive knowledge of each client’s specific requirements makes our services exceptional.



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Mobile Patrol Services In Surrey

Mobile Patrol Services In Surrey

Our security officers conduct mobile patrols ensuring the safety and security of you and your property.

As emergencies can happen at any time, we offer mobile patrol guards who are highly trained and licensed round-the-clock.

To secure the perimeter of your property, we have uniformed or covert guards. Additionally, we provide comprehensive services for a variety of property types, such as business properties, development sites, office buildings, condominiums, special events, and more.

We adhere to our client’s directions and processes to guarantee that every issue is handled in the same way you want it to be handled.

 Eagle Eye security officers are educated in excellent de-escalation tactics and non-violent crisis management, so they will be able to handle any circumstance.

Loss Prevention Security Guards

If you are the owner of a store or other retail business, you are aware of the serious harm that lost inventory can do to your bottom line. A trained loss prevention security officer on duty is the best theft deterrent.

Whether the threat originates from clients, staff members, or the supply chain, our highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals can spot and prevent all types of theft. In Surrey, we are your go-to source for security solutions that offer peace of mind.

Security officers of Eagle Eye are focused to prevent the potential of product loss, respond appropriately if product loss does occur, and finally, discover appropriate solutions to product loss.

Our team is fully licensed and insured to deliver excellent service.

CCTV Surveillance Security Services

Security measures for your residence or place of business must include surveillance systems.

The installation of a CCTV surveillance system may not only act as a potent deterrent and increase employee safety in your area.

We offer trustworthy CCTV security services with complete control and accessibility.

Instead of you, our security personnel will monitor everything with CCTV surveillance.

Through comprehensive and extremely skilled video surveillance monitoring services, we help you spot assaults and contribute to the security and safety of your property.

We are a leading provider of CCTV remote monitoring services for both commercial and non-commercial assets and keep an eye on your property around the clock to ensure on-site safety.

Construction Site Security Services Surrey

As the best security service in Surrey, we are concentrated on protecting your construction site. On a building site, emergencies might happen at any time. We offer round-the-clock site monitoring to make sure no issues occur. If a problem does arise, our guards will react and resolve it. At your building site, our officers can manage any emergency reaction requirements. We monitor your site continuously using our on-site security services to make sure no serious losses take place. Our staff will assist in identifying problems and preventing them from having a negative impact. It can protect the workers at your building site while lowering costs and liabilities for your business.

Concierge Security in Surrey

Eagle Eye Security is a terrific choice for you if you’re seeking a devoted and qualified security firm.

The concierge may establish the atmosphere of the building as they are the initial point of contact for residents and their visitors.

Our concierge team is knowledgeable and performs with professionalism. They are capable of politely welcoming guests as well as removing a troublemaker from the area. They have the best training in the areas of preventing theft, protecting clients, and security awareness.

People usually spend more time at work than at home. You want to guarantee their sense of security while they are there.

Our concierge security guards are prepared to handle emergencies and find solutions.

Professional Hotel Security Guards

Security is of the utmost significance when it comes to the protection of your visitors, employees, and property, and At Eagle Eye, it is our top concern.

With the professionalism and courtesy demanded, our highly trained security experts will offer you the protection you need. 

Eagle Eye security guards always conduct themselves professionally and courteously, which makes them an essential valuable addition to your hotel and its visitors.

To secure your hotel’s property and everyone on it, our security professionals are on call around the clock.

A sharp mind and an even sharper eye are needed for hotel security. And our guards are experienced in the field. This will give you a prominent sense of security.

Event Security Guard In Surrey

Eagle Eye Security is the best company for your safety and security staying vigilant at all times, keeping an eye out for potential problems in crowded places, and acting if something seems off.

Constant vigilance and surveillance are essential because prevention is always preferable to management, especially when it comes to an event.

The safety and protection of everyone present at events, such as concerts, athletic events, conferences, and private meetings, is the main duty performed by our event security guard.

Your concert, festival, or other major gatherings will be protected from all forms of crime by our security guards.

Fire Watch Guard Security Services

Our client’s concerns for their safety are reduced by using one of the best fire watch services – Eagle Eye Security.

A fire watch guard must be present at all times to protect employees and minimize losses and property damage.Our professional and knowledgeable fire watch guard from Eagle Eye can identify potential fire dangers and save lives.

You can rely on us to take care of all aspects of your property’s security when you choose us to provide fire watch protection. We make use of cutting-edge fire-watching technology to make sure that your property is adequately secured in the case of a fire.

Any security-related chores you need to be handled by our team of skilled and qualified guards. We look forward to offering you premium fire watch security at a competitive price.

Alarm Monitoring Services In Burnaby

Alarm Response Security Services In Surrey

You can feel secure knowing that an alarm response service is working to keep any burglars away from your property.

Our rapid reaction security team has undergone the most intensive training and is equipped to handle any security incident or threat at your location.

Our patrols are deliberately planned so that we can typically get to the scene as quickly as possible after the initial warning.

Our specialty is providing our customers with professional emergency security services at a fair price. Our security personnel are prepared to defuse aggressive situations and safeguard your site.

Eagle Eye is firmly committed to offering the best alarm response security service, whether it is for residential or commercial properties in Surrey.



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