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Many times we are not familiar with the term static security guards,” and, surely, everyone gets confused about it. In general, when someone hears the word, “static security guard company,” they think it provides security guards to stand in one area all day and they can’t move or perform their duty on the other side, but this isn’t true. The truth is they don’t need to stay in one place, and they will probably hire for the small area.

A static security guard in Surrey, BC, may offer his service at a reception or gateway where people are coming and going. One of the main roles of the static guard service in Surrey, BC, is to conduct security patrols regularly. Furthermore, static security guards are needed to protect.

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The internal perimeter of sites or buildings like control rooms, and this job requires more tasks than sitting in one place. The tasks depend on the on-site area and many other factors but these are the common tasks performed by the static security guards in Surrey, BC.

  • They are required to access control and gate operation.
  • Verification of Identity.
  • Checking of Sabotages.
  • Inspection of vehicles.
  • Providing security materials.
  • Protect offices, building types of equipment, and other assets.
  • Surveillance.
  • Protection of parking.
  • To prevent accidents from happening.
  • These guards perform their patrols at different times of the day and change their routes regularly to provide maximum security coverage

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Static guard services of Eagle Eye Security are fully adaptable and provide services in both commercial and residential areas of Surrey, Langley, Maple Ridge, and Vancouver BC. These services are the most effective protection provided by Eagle Eye Security and include manned services on access points, the guarding of equipment or Valuable materials as part of preventing loss, controlling the crowd, event security scene securing, or personal protection and require a person on the site. The main ingredient of static guarding is to ensure the guards supply services as per the situation.

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We give our security guards many types of training, and personalities and fulfill needs according to the client’s needs. Experts fulfilling the needs and analyzing the need are completed by the guards who are trained to make decisions for the betterment of the organization. The whole responsibilities of static services also include traffic control, armed guarding, gatekeeping, and CCTV monitoring. Our Static Guard Company services may vary from place to place like shopping malls, car parking, and museums in Surrey, Langley, Maple Ridge, and Vancouver, BC. Our Static guard’s responsibility is not only to monitor visitors to venues but also to monitor the staff and practices.

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The single most advantage of static security guard services is that it offers an opportunity for extended employment in a given state. Recruiting security experts can extraordinarily profit your business by giving you a more secure and safer environment. A safety officer might be utilized to screen video observation, check guest accreditations, and watch for any dubious conduct, like shoplifting, screen the reason for twilight, and open and shut down business for the afternoon. Surrendering these positions to security proficient assumes the liability of the hands of entrepreneurs and representatives, permitting them to zero in on their positions. 

Employing a trustworthy security administration organization for occasions can likewise take the pressure of managing security issues off occasion coordinators and directors, with the goal that they may zero in on running your occasion. Recruiting legitimate security experts won’t just ensure your business against likely dangers; it will also show your representatives, customers, clients, and financial backers that you truly care for their well-being and prosperity. All our hired personnel go through pre-organization and continuous site-explicit preparation and are furnished with the essential business gear to fulfill our operational responsibilities to our customers.

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Our static security services in British Columbia monitor hostile zones to ordinarily ensure the interior border of a site and, as such, control section and departure focus main control rooms and lookouts. Yet there is more to the work than simply remaining on an entryway for the entire move. The Static Safety Officer Power can be entrusted with different assignments, like vehicle and individual inquiries, canine watches, snappy response powers, and so forth. The undertakings you might be approached to perform will shift extraordinarily on numerous issues like the environment, and an unfriendly/non-antagonistic climate. The size of the site, the number of individuals on the site, and what the site is for! The rundown can go on; however, here is a list of the normal obligations under a new agreement. To keep a guest’s book with subtleties of the names, reason for visit, and passage and leave seasons of every single person who enters the structure. All our security officials are SIA licensed, and we won’t ever subcontract. This implies we can generally guarantee quality as we put resources into our staff, and Eagle Eye Security will consistently pick the correct safety officer with the essential capabilities and experience to address your issues. We comprehend that each agreement is novel and will require a particular arrangement of abilities. Not subcontracting our safety officers implies that we can be certain that the security officials also.

Frequently Asked Questions

When security guards are manned for security at a particular place like on access points, equipment protection, crowd control, scene securing, or personal protection.
Static security officers are deployed on specific sites or locations to perform static security duties such as patrolling grounds, monitoring entrances and exits, monitoring CCTV, logging visitors’ movements and ensuring the safety of clients.
A static security guard’s duty includes protecting premises, assets, and personnel while being vigilant to prevent illegal or inappropriate actions. Eagle Eye Security LTD’s aim is to deter, observe and report.


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