Richmond Security Services

Top-notch and reliable security services are available in Richmond according to your specific needs. Since there is always some risk associated with our life, investing in security systems and professional security guards would be an ideal option.  

Eagle eye security Ltd. ensures the protection and longevity of your assets and your life. Here are some of our key features

  • Licensed, well-trained, and efficient security services.
  • Specialized in customized security solutions as per the organization’s needs.
  • Quick response system.
  • Hi-Tech and latest equipment used. 
  • Accountability.

Security Guard Services in Richmond

Hiring reliable security guard services in Richmond to protect your asset, site, or event provides you peace of mind. The professional and well-experienced security guard have been provided according to your requirement.

  • Security Guard services for corporate Building
  • Security Guards for parties and events
  • Loss Prevention Security Officers
  • Security at an industrial site
  • Guards at the Construction Site

24-Hour Emergency Security Guards

Crimes would have any time limits, this can happen anywhere, anytime, and it needs one open chance to criminal minds. Gate breaks alarm not working, disgruntled employee or fire watch, 24 hour security services assist you when you need them.

 Get security monitoring 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


24/7 Security
Affordable Security Guards
Full Control And Protection
Trusted, Professional, Reliable

Concierge Security Services

Security professionals with the required security and hospitality mindset.
Besides welcoming clients, or residential alike, concierge security professionals are well-trained to maintain a high-security professional standard. 

They are usually stationed at the entrance of your building, monitoring access to the properties. They manage access to your residential or commercial building. 

  • Front-line supporters 
  • Respond to query 
  • Provide first-aid assistance
  • Maintain the policies of the building

When to Go For Concierge Security?

Concierge security guards in Richmond are suitable for any type of business. Municipal buildings, medical complexes, warehouses, offices, condo complexes, recreation buildings, tourism premises, hotels, retail departments, and cultural locations can all benefit from professional security guards.

Special Events Security Guards

An event can be an easy opportunity for agitators. From minor misbehaving to massive destruction, events have a great chance for notorious elements to act up because of the crowd involved and the ease with which hysteria can be caused. 

Handling a large crowd in a limited time can be a tough job and requires specialized training and expertise. Hiring special event security guards in Richmond can result in events that end happily. Choose Eagle Eye Security Guards for your events.

  • Physical capable: mentally and physically strong security guards 
  • Trained to handle difficult situations.
  • Attitude: Approachable, repetitive, and polite
  • Keen observation skill: They can understand body language. 
  • Motivation attitude towards difficult situations.
  • Maintain the integrity of being professional.
  • Well-qualified to handle sensitive situations.
  • Good communication skills. 
  • Attained good practical knowledge.

Loss Prevention Security Service

No matter, what is the size or retail establishment, or business premises, you know that there is the threat of loss of merchandise to your bottom line. Theft from intruders and even from employees is some of the greatest threats to businesses across the country. The best way to protect from theft is to hire a professional loss prevention security guard on the premises.  Eagle eye Security Ltd. considers several factors and plans the right number of security guards for your stores.

Basic Responsibilities of Loss Prevention Security Guard 

  • Identify the required system to minimize the loss of company assets.
  • Auditing and investigating the sources of known loss.
  • Investigate suspicious customer or employee activity.
  • Conducting regular testing of alarm and camera surveillance systems.
  • Develop and implement policies to prevent theft at the point of sale.
  • Prepare reports on the effectiveness of the current established system.

CCTV Security Monitoring

CCTV monitoring increases security surveillance to protect you, your business, or your residential area from criminal activity. Modern state-of-the-art technology has been used to act in emergencies quickly, also acting as a deterrent that effectively stops intruders. 

Remote monitoring can provide you through CCTV monitoring services with ultimate peace of mind when you’re away you can check everything with just one click from your cell phone. Potential security guards can take corrective actions if needed.

Benefits of Hiring Security Guards:

  • CCTV monitoring of your premises will act as a serious crime deterrent.
  • It monitors all the activities happening on the premises where it has been installed.
  • If case of suspicious activity, they would report it to the authorized person.
  • CCTV installation can reduce disputes but hiring security guards to monitor can stop the major damage. 
  • CCTV monitoring ensures the smooth working of all systems within the premises and detects accidents that going to happen.

Construction Site Security in Richmond

Construction is a wide and valuable industry that involves both the storage and ongoing use of high-value vehicles, materials, tools, and machinery. All of these items involved a resale value, whilst items such as fuel have an offset cost value, making construction sites a highly profitable site for criminals.

Construction sites were fraught with dangers such as material theft, fires, explosions, and accidents.

Since construction sites are more accident-prone places, hiring experienced guards would be an ideal option. Get a customized security plan according to location, specific requirements, and environmental factors. 

Mobile Patrol Services In Surrey

Mobile Patrol Services in Richmond

These are marked and make their existence known to potential threats. By using the latest advancements in security technology and reporting, professional security personnel can also provide your business with services including

  • Identifying unaccredited vehicles
  • Patrolling parking lots, and maintaining surveillance, emergency, and fire response services are available as needed.
  • Emergency and fire response services are provided whenever required.
  • Surveillance of outdoor spaces.
  • Doing scheduled or random mobile patrols.

In addition to the above responsibilities, mobile patrol security guards also check the alarm system and reset the alarm system after incidents. 

Fire Watch Security Guards in Richmond

Make your house, a home with safety and protection. Hiring home security guards in Richmond protects valuable assets, deters crimes, notifies you of gas leakage, allows remote access to your home, and lowers the need for getting home insurance and CCTV monitoring to make sure that your family is safe and protected at all times.

Fire Watch security guards are becoming a necessity and are in high demand across Canada. Regardless of the size of your residence, your home will somehow have potential fire sources. From faulty wiring defects to cigarette sparkle or kitchen accidents, the chance of fire damage is always there. Basic responsibilities of fire watch security guards in Richmond:

  • Detect and ensure that all fire safety procedures are followed and that there is no risk of fire damage. 
  • Maintain the requirements described on the safety permit.
  • Keep flammable material away from the ignition source.
  • In the event of a fire explosion, they are liable to take corrective actions like using the fire extinguishers, reporting to authorities, help the people.
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