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Trusted And Professional Security Services

Security guards are active in various aspects of the business. Eagle Eye Security provides security services for all types of residential, commercial, and industrial places in White Rock. We are always here to defend you in any way. 

Our fire watch security guards are well-trained to protect you against the fire dispellers. 

Security guards

Security Services


Experienced Guards
We have years of experience in the security industry. Since 2016, we have offered reliable and professional services. We are flourishing with the success.
Experienced Guards

We have years of experience in the security industry. Since 2016, we have offered reliable and professional services. We are flourishing with the success.

Certified Security Specialists:

We have more than a hundred security guards. All security guards are certified and have valid security licenses. Our security specialists are well-trained and professional.

Wide Range Of Services:

We are a one-stop solution for your security needs. Across British Columbia, we are offering a wide range of security guard services like alarm response security guards, mobile patrol guards, event security guards, static security guards, CCTV surveillance security guards, and fire watch guards.

Experienced Guards

We have years of experience in the security industry. Since 2016, we have offered reliable and professional services. We are flourishing with the success.


Our Services

Alarm Response Security Guards

Quick response to the alarm can be the most required and highlighted feature of the security guards. Eagle Eye Security Ltd. owes its success to our security guards. Alarm Response Security Guards are specially trained to respond to such unexpected circumstances. 

Our security guards quickly respond to the alarm and are well-trained to take corrective actions. 

Even if this is a false alarm, the reasons for it will be confirmed.

Alarm response security guards are savers at the moment when the alarm triggers and you are away from your premises. Your property will be in safe hands. 

Hire our well-dressed and visible alarm response security guards, who are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Mobile Patrolling Security Guards

We ensure that your property is safe through vigilant Mobile Patrol Services in White Rock. We have solutions for all, whether you are looking for residential, commercial, or industrial space.

Our security guards have good observation skills, they can quickly identify suspicious behavior around the premises. With the increase in theft and crime, our certified security specialists became more prevalent throughout British Columbia.

Commercial mobile patrol security guards will protect your staff, equipment, and property. They are also liable for maintaining the safety of customers. They ensure smooth functioning and also patrol the parking lots.

Loss Prevention Security Guards

The guards’ healthy and strong physical appearance at events, malls, hotels, construction sites, or anywhere can prevent criminal minds from committing any illegal activities.

The presence of security guards not only prevents loss, theft, and robbery but also enhances the customer experience. 

We have honest and hard-working security guards for quality surveillance of your property. Our security guards will take security measures to protect the property and stores from robbery. They actively keep an eye on the crowd. 

With active patrolling and surveillance, they discourage thieves from engaging in illegal activity. 

Call us to save your profits.

Event Security Guards

You might be aware of the fact, hiring well-trained and qualified security guards, who can take proper security measures can ensure the smooth completion of the events. Also, this can add discipline to the guests.

Well for sure, you are looking for such kind of event only. 

Eagle eye security Ltd., offer you well-dressed with good communication skills security guards that ensure the safety and non-violence at your events. Event security guards will keep track of all safety measures at your event. They can easily detect doubtful behavior and prevent loss and damage to property. 

Security guards will also keep an eye on each guest and each corner to ensure their safety.

  • Surveillance of the event 
  • Ensures fire security measures
  • Protection against theft and accidents
  • Report of incidents

Concierge Security Guards

“Joy the safety and hospitality”

Choose Eagle Eye Security, if you are looking for security guards for a double role, to welcome guests and maintain security checks. With a dedicated team, we are ready to provide customized concierge services as per your requirements. 

Since concierge security guards have a visible presence, they must have struck a good balance between welcoming and securing the guest. We can have such qualified security guards, trained under multi-disciplinary programs, to act professionally in such a scenario. 

  • Warm welcome of guests 
  • Upholding the rules and discipline 
  • Assist the guest 
  • Ensure only authorized access to the property

Construction site security guards.

Construction site security guards According to the records, nearly $50 million in construction equipment was stolen from the construction site. This increase in theft may make the construction budget even tighter.  Do you afford to take such risks? For sure, no one does. Eagle Eye Security, one of the leading security companies throughout British Columbia, can help. We have a team of experienced security guards that can patrol your sites with vigilant eyes.  

  • Mobile patrolling: We are available to patrol your premises all day and all night. With vigilant eyes, we can easily identify suspicious behavior and activities and get 24*7 monitoring services for your construction sites. 
  • Control the gate: Having a security guard at the gate can be enough to prevent unauthorized access to the site. Security guards will check the identities and make sure only authorized access to the sites. 
  • CCTV Monitoring: Eagle Eye Security addresses your all security needs for your construction sites. Our focused security guards monitor the CCTV footage that can prevent vandalism and theft on the sites. 
  • Safety measures: Security guards will ensure there is no place for damage to property. It is the duty of security guards to check whether all doors and windows are closed. They also take all fire safety measures.
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