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You know you are safe when a fire watch security guard is on patrol.

The role of the fire watch security guards is not limited to the protection of your physical assets and business from unwanted fires. They also protect assets by patrolling.

There are several fire monitoring companies in Canada that provide early READINESS, RESPONSE, AND RECOVERY in case of any fire explosion, as there are many causes of fire explosions in any organization, like smoking, mischief, poor safety measures, poor workmanship, and inappropriate storage.

The reasons can be many, but the saver can be a Fire Watch security guard in Surrey only.

main duties of a fire watch security guard​

scanning the site properly

Fire watch security guards should scan the site very comprehensively so that any potential threat can be detected. Of course, if it is not done on time, then even small negligence can cause immense loss of finances, assets, and human life.

provides mobile patrolling services

Fire watch security guards, not only handle fire disasters, but they also provide mobile patrolling services and keep your property and assets safe.

evacuate people from disaster-prone areas

In any kind of fire break, a fire watch security guard has to act fast and evacuate people based on security protocols. Guards must also follow established procedures to ensure people don’t get injured and get out safely.

carry all required tools

Sometimes in emergency situations when an ambulance cannot reach on time, fire watch security guards in Surrey, BC can help give a new life to people by giving first aid treatment and they also keep flashlights with them which will help them in the rescue process in darker zones.

make an emergency plan

When a hazard has been identified, a fire watch security guard must take quick emergency measures like raising the fire alarm, contacting the fire services, and reporting to the appropriate management of the organization and premises.

maintain necessary documents ​

A Fire watch company must maintain logs and record information about the incident. It assesses whether the necessary steps were taken or how the situation was controlled. These case studies can help other security guards take corrective action in similar situations.

fire watch log

Fire watch logging helps in reaching the cause of why a fire explosion occurred. It helps policymakers change their policies according to the current needs of any organization society,ety as it is a practice that must be maintained on time.

checks safety tools ​

Fire safety security guards check the proper installation and expiration dates of safety tools like fire extinguishers. Maintain a proper record of it and report it to significant authorities.

finding suspicious activity

For instance, fire watch security guards ensure that gas is not leaking when it’s not being used. They also ensure any act of vigilantism is not committed inside or outside the premises.

checks emergency exit ​

They must check the emergency exit regularly and ensure there is no obstruction. In the event of a fire explosion, they are responsible for helping victims escape the fire through emergency exits.

architectural site protection

Buildings that are in the process of being built are more likely to catch fire as there are many hazardous substances used. In such scenarios, the responsibility of fire watch security guards increases to protect the necessary property, assets, and lives of the people involved.

be a fire alarm, if required

Fire explosions can damage some systems too, including the fire alarm system. In such situations when a fire alarm is damaged and not working, fire watch security guards in Surrey, BC, can take the place of alarms to inform people and authorities about any mishap. Immediately start the rescue process and call for help.

maintain contact between different authorities ​

Act as a bridge between fire authorities, departments, management, and ambulances. This process triggers the disaster management process. This trait of fire guard security is extremely helpful when there are power cuts and the alarms are not working.

keen observer during events ​

At crowded places like events and huge gatherings, a fire watch security guard ensures the safety of every individual involved.  Checking for leakage, ensuring the emergency exit is clear, and placing fire extinguishers in easily accessible places are some of the responsibilities of the fire watch security.

investigate security breaches

Not only cases related to fire explosions, but fire watch security must look all over. A security breach can occur intentionally or unintentionally. Fire watch security guards act as a primary barrier in such circumstances.

Thus, fire watch security services in Surrey, BC, are needed to protect your valuable assets, property, and the lives of your family members, and workers involved in any organization. Choosing fire watch security guards in Surrey, BC who are highly skilled, and reliable is always an ideal option.
You can hire Eagle Eye Security Limited to hire fire watch security guards in the Lower Mainland. We have fire watch security guards that go through stringent training and are capable of handling emergencies. Our guards can also help you minimize your responsibility. They strictly observe the areas that are more prone to fire explosions.

where you can hire a fire watch security guard?

Well, you can hire fire watch security guards that are more prone to fire explosions, otherwise, hospitals, venues with large gatherings, hotels, villas, warehousing, and commercial premises can hire fire watch security guards.

FIRE WATCH SECURITY GUARD is a valuable addition to a building that acts as a proper supervisor and barrier in fire-prone areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Immediately contact your the local FD (Fire Department) emergency number i.e. 911 and provide your name, address, building name, phone number, and advise the alarm was set off mistakenly. The FD will most likely send at least 1 vehicle to verify or maybe just one police car.
False fire alarms continue to be a problem for the fire service, businesses, and the public. Consequences are cry-wolf syndrome, lost revenue, disruption, inconveniencing the fire department, unnecessary risk or panic, causes complacency

The fire department connection allows fire engines to connect directly to the sprinkler system to increase the pressure and/or volume of water in the sprinkler system.

Fire department connections must be located on the street side of the building and located so that hose lines can be attached without interference from nearby objects. The connection must be identified by a sign stating “Standpipe” having raised letters at least one inch in size. If the fire department connection also serves the sprinkler system, a sign reading “Autospkr and Standpipe” may be used.

Fire department connections for standpipe and hose systems must be within 45m of a hydrant and be unobstructed.


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