Security Services in New Westminster

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New Westminster security services for all your security needs. Safety starts with Mobile patrol security guards, who monitor your premises in and out dedicatedly. Hire trustworthy protection for your patrolling needs.

Alarm Response

Mobile patrolling is not only confined to patrolling the premises but also a response to the security alarms like home alarm response security, fire alarm, etc.

As per the given authority, security guards will take action.

Quick Response Time

Always here for you and cover for you. In case we find any doubtful and suspicious behavior. We will immediately respond to it, informing the cops or the property owners. 

Vacation Watch Mobile Patrols

You can better enjoy the vacation, knowing your property is secure in our hands.


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Security Services in New Westminster

New Westminster security services for all your security needs. Safety starts with Mobile patrol security guards, who monitor your premises in and out dedicatedly. Hire trustworthy protection for your patrolling needs.

Construction Site Security Services New Westminster

Get a safer point for your construction sites. Your focus would be construction only since our focus would be security for you. Now you can your staff can calmly work on the construction sites, without the fear of any human damage. You can feel perfectly secure with our trained and vigilant security guards. We do our job dedicatedly, so you can do your job comfortably. 

Fire Watch Guard Security Services

Make your construction site, fire-resistant with correct fire systems and trained security guards to maintain the fire systems. Make sure your hired fire watch security guards if your site is fire-prone. We also provide fire watch security services  at commercial and residential buildings.

Concierge & Hotel Security Guards New Westminster

Concierge security guards for hotels: Combine the duties of the front desk and security personnel. With the vital responsibility to manage access to the building, they also guide and attend to the guests.

Hotel security guards in New Westminster are not only confined to this basic role but have wide responsibilities: 

  • Attend the front desk guests and treat them well. 
  • Make sure all the doors and windows are closed and locked, that need to be. 
  • Answer the calls and inform/transfer them to the appropriate customer personnel. 
  • Maintain the vehicle and parking security. 
  • Security guards at hotels, also surveillance CCTVs. 
  • Keep a record of signing-in visitors to the property. 
  • Maintain and check the fire system. 
  • Monitor the premises in and out, all day and all night. 
  • Notify the designated personnel in case of emergencies and risky situations. 
  • Identify suspicious behavior and help in loss prevention. 

Security guards will also submit the daily report including all incidents of the day. Undoubtedly having security guards at hotels are very much necessary. Additionally, you must have a reliable security system. Plan your security system with us and find out the requirements.


Retail Loss Prevention Security

Large or Small! Every business requires security guards for loss prevention. Preserve your profits with highly trained security guards. The retail business might have a high chance of theft and burglary, and you commonly found loss preventative security guards at these stores. 


Security guards will follow all steps to prevent the loss. They can help in loss prevention against unwanted customers and staff. Having a security guard in retail stores can warn shoplifters.


They will patrol the retail stores and inspect suspicious behavior. Well-trained security guards are good enough to inspect the behavior


In case they found any doubtful behavior, they will inform the designated person. Retail security guards are liable to take corrective and possible actions.

CCTV Security Guards in New Westminster

Protection on time!

The Effective security system begins with the evaluation of potentially illegal and criminal threats. Analyze it and take corrective action against it. 

CCTV surveillance security guards are available for any type the commercial and residential building. Are you hosting an event? We are to secure your moments and ensure the safety of your guests and their belongings. Get the eyes of the protection for your events, buildings, and large construction sites. Trust us! We will protect you and your trust in us. 

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