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Top 6 Duties of Mobile Patrol Security Guards

Top 6 Duties of Mobile Patrol Security Guards

Although Canada is the 3rd safest country in the world as mentioned in Forbes where the crime rate is low but note it down it not zero, and robberies or other criminal activities still happen. In this cutting-edge technological era, there are tremendous opportunities for criminals to get access to information due to the availability of the information available over the internet. Even the presence of high-tech security gadgets cannot stop the crime unless trained mobile patrol security guards are appointed to make the premises secure.

The quality of mobile patrol security guards is quite important as they are the first line of defense against the threat of crime. Many licensed security companies like Eagle Eye Security LTD cover all industries including construction, corporate, retail, and commercial in Surrey, Vancouver, and over 17 cities in British Columbia.

Who is a Mobile Patrol Officer?

Mobile patrol officers are responsible for keeping themselves vigilant against any sort of threat and checking on large areas, multiple sites, or private neighbourhoods. Mobile patrol officers also play the role of a static security guard as well as many other roles. Security companies provide them with vehicles to move around & also chaperones for the static security guards who are assigned to different sites.

Top 6 Duties of Mobile Patrol Security Guards: -

The duties of mobile patrol officers' are wider as compared to normal security officers as they are not limited to a single place. They can easily move from one place to another by utilizing the vehicle provided by the security company and keep themselves vigilant about uncommon events that might pose a danger to humans or valuable assets of the business edifices.

1. They Patrol, Inspect, and Monitor:

Mobile patrol officers are not only limited to observing business premises against theft & injuries, but they also use surveillance equipment for monitoring purposes, and they can even refuse and permit entry regularly. It is necessary to provide rapid alarm responses to tackle the danger effectively.

2. They Control Traffic:

Mobile patrol security guards are liable for providing instructions to the vehicle drivers so that the number of motor vehicle traffic collisions in Canada can be reduced. They are obligated to inquire about accidents due to violating traffic rules and provide motor drivers assistance whenever they feel necessary.

3. They Prevent Deprivation, Report, and Notify:

Mobile patrol security guards play a crucial role in informing the people about incidents that may occur and educating the offenders about the rules and regulations imposed by the state government to maintain peace and traffic infrastructure.

4. They Can Detain & Arrest:

Mobile patrol security guards have a right to bust & detain a person for his offensive activities. During the process, they can issue citations and warnings to a concerned person. In addition to this, they are also obliged to prepare necessary reports that provide clarity about how, and when the incident happened.

5. They Respond to Alarms Immediately:

Being quick to alarm respond is a major obligation of a mobile patrol security personnel and alert others to make sure that the alarm is responded to in due time. Moreover, they have to make changes to their daily schedule and have to adjust their daily run sheet accordingly.

6. They Do Mobile Surveillance:

Mobile patrol security officers constantly monitor the areas where potential risks may arise after specific intervals of time to ensure that visitors are edified properly. With the help of mobile surveillance, guards can visibly deter crime, perform checks on multiple locations, save their money, and can gain peace of mind.

Qualities of A Mobile Patrol Guard to Be Qualified to Work in Canada:

1. They Must Be Qualified to Work in Canada As Security Guards:

Not every person can be qualified as a licensed mobile patrol security guard in Canada, there is a criterion set by the Canadian government, which is necessary to meet if you want to become a licensed mobile patrol officer, which is as under: -

  • Applicants must be over 18 years old.
  • If interested applicants have any proven criminal record, they will be immediately rejected.
  • Possession of an Emergency First Aid/CPR Certificates is a must.
  • They must show proof indicating that they are legally eligible to apply for work in Canada.
  • Completion of basic training for security guards and must pass their licensing exams is a must before becoming a mobile patrol security guard.

2. They Must Have Licensed to Drive in Canada:

In addition to having technical skills, mobile patrol officers are mandated to have a Class G driver’s license in Canada. They must be able to drive distinct kinds of vehicles as the situation demands. The class G license is considered preliminary for a driver’s license in Canada, nevertheless, not everyone has the calibre to get this license.

3. They Must Be Reliable and have Integrity.

Integrity should be an integral part of the qualities of a mobile patrol officer as he has to traverse across different locations to perform security checks and has to evaluate the security teams that have been deployed on different project places. He should be potent to do his duties independently that are assigned to him. They use security company assets; as a result, they are responsible for providing honest reporting whenever any mishappening is posed to the vehicle.

4. They Should Be Healthy Physically and Mentally:

Mobile patrol security employees should be fit as fiddle mentally and physically as they have to control their emotions while doing their job; nonetheless, failing to do so may cause various problems for clients as well as the security agency that they are working for. They must be able to educate the people who go beyond their limits and harm public properties unintentionally.

They should be physically fit as they must be able to handle constant movement between different sites. A mobile patrol security employee with the poor physical condition would not be able to do so.