How to Obtain Security Guard License in
British Columbia (BC) Canada

How to Obtain Security Guard License in British Columbia (BC) Canada

How to Obtain Security Guard License in

British Columbia (BC) Canada

If you want to make your business homes, premises, and public places in British Columbia (BC) Canada secure from theft and assault; in addition to installing various security equipment, the importance of skilled security guards cannot be overlooked. Security guards work efficiently in adverse situations.

The responsibilities of security officers vary according to their job profile; however, their sole aspiration is to stop crime. They need to be vigilant in order to maintain tranquility in society; without them, it is difficult to maintain law and order effectively.

Role of A Security Guard: -

There are numerous tasks that security guards perform on regular basis. In the absence of them, distinct obstacles can occur to the successful completion of business tasks such as trespassing, keeping the business premises safe from burglars and vandalism, and more.

1. Prevent Crimes

Security guards are significant entities who are potent to make the public feel safe against threats by deterring the crime. They are more effective than high-tech security devices because they have the calibre to bust the offender immediately who breaches the security.

Besides, security guards devote most of their time in doing their duties like conducting mobile patrols and observing security cameras in order to detect suspicious activities. Security guards with technical skills have the ability to make the business operations secure by preventing cybersecurity attacks such as spamming, hacking and malware injection.

2. Public Assistance

Security guards keep their eyes on public activities and identify the security loopholes; to serve the purpose, they communicate with the visitors, and they give redirection to whom they see in the most vulnerable areas. Due to their excellent communication and soft skills, they are able to effectively converse with people politely, friendly and professionally.

3. Promote the Law and Order in Public

The presence of security guards incite the public to follow the rules and regulations imposed by the corporators and higher authorities. Whenever a large event is organized in a public place, the Security Guards White Rock are responsible to serene the crowd from violating imposed norms.

A professional, qualified security crew will use cutting-edge technology and years of on-the-ground training and expertise to keep your event secure from start to end.

4. Quality of Responsiveness

The eagle-eyed security guards observe the threat immediately and take quick action against that, which helps them to take full control over the situation while awaiting the arrival of the government officials.

5. Outstanding Customer Service

While playing a job role, security guards have to communicate with customers efficiently when it comes to protect the property and the public. They assist the customers in their time of need; for example, helping a person in opening a locked door, accompany the customer to his car at night, soothe the frayed people in tense situations. Additionally, their excellent customer service helps them to improve the reputation of an organization.

6. First Respondents to Situations like Life or Death

In emergency situations like when the homes or edifices are on fire, they spontaneously respond to the adverse situation to eliminate offensive deeds. For instance, whenever emergency circumstances occur like natural disasters or health crises, they play a crucial role in evacuating the people.

Moreover, they are trained people who know how to operate an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) or perform CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) properly in the time of life or death.

How to Obtain Security Guard License in British Columbia (BC) Canada?

There is no standalone security guard license in Canada; instead, you need to apply for a security worker license, after getting this license, you can serve roles such as Bodyguard (except police), ATM (automatic teller machine) guard, Inspector, airport – carry-on baggage, Bouncer – security, Investigator, alarm – residence/business and Investigator, security – business and more.

1. Meet Basic Criteria

If you are a resident of British Columbia (BC), first, you need to meet the basic criteria to become a licensed security guard that comprises language proficiency, age, and other related requirements.
  • Age:  A person must be 19 years old or older
  • Criminal Record: You must be free from guilt legally because the registrar will perform a security check against the documents provided by you and signing the document is essential.
  • Fingerprints: First, you need to get fingerprinted before submitting records document and this service is offered by various consulates such as the Vancouver Police Department.
  • Canadian Citizen: It is mandatory to be a Canadian citizen to serve as a security officer in British Columbia; for this, you need to submit BC or Canadian government IDs or to the registrar in your application.

2. Pass BST (Basic Security Training)

In order to be a security guard, you need to join and pass Basic Security Training in a government-approved security training institute, in British Columbia (BC) or you can complete Basic Security Training online through the Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC). This course’s fee is around $320.89 CAD for Canadian citizens and $962.67 CAD for international students.

3. Passport Photo

You are required to provide a certified passport photo to the registrar. You can approach BC passport photo providers to attain offer this service.

4. Fee

While submitting a security license form along with all necessary documents online (Recommended) or offline, you are mandated to deposit a small amount of processing fee, for which you can consult the Registrar.

5. Get Approval From the Higher Authority

The governing body in BC is called the Registrar of Security Services via the BC Security Programs Division, which has a full-control that is a list of approved security guard license institutes and handles the process of providing security license.

List of BST Institutes in BC

    • Abbotsford

Advanced Learning Centre 604.543.7300
Canadian Community College 604.557.9944
Falcon Training Institute Inc. 778.757.1425
Learn ‘N’ Grow Academy 604.300.5988
Primetuitive 604.345.8900
Samrat Security Training School 236.332.9500

    • Burnaby:

Armour Security Training Centre Ltd. 604.282.1292
International Career Training Institute of Canada, Inc. 604.861.8919
Paladin Security Group 604.677.8700

    • Chilliwack:

Allegiance 1 Security Training Academy 604.701.1692
Griffin Investigation & Security Services Ltd 604.703.0888

    • Campbell River:

Discovery Community College 250.287.9850
Domcor Health, Safety & Security Ltd 250.286.3163

    • Chetwynd:

Northern Lights College 250.782.5257

    • Courtenay:

Excel Career College 250.334.2452

    • Dawson Creek:

Northern Lights College 250.782.5251

    • Fort Nelson:

Northern Lights College 250.782.5257

    • Fort St. John:

Northern Lights College 250.782.5257

    • Kamloops:

Simpcw Resources 250.434.2356

    • Kelowna:

BC Corps of Commissionaires 250.979.4773
Canadian Safety and Medic Training 250.861.4357
Frank McConnell School of Karate 250.707.3034
Paladin Security Group 604.677.8700
Securiguard Advanced Training 250.763.7339

    • Kitimaat:

Kitamaat Valley Education Society 250.639.9199

    • Nanaimo:

Footprints Security Training Institute 250.753.6944
Discovery College 250.740.0115
Securiguard 250.756.4452

    • Northern BC & Indigenous Communities:

True North Community Safety Consulting 778.636.6342

    • New Westminster:

Justice & Public Safety Division, Justice Institute of BC 604.528.5590 [ BST Online ]
Sting Executive Group International (SEGI) 1.888.713.2673

    • Parksville:

Security Protection Services 250.616.8536

    • Prince George:

Northern BC Guard Academy 250.596.5545

    • Prince Rupert:

Employment Education Development Centre 250.624.2422
Hecate Strait Employment Development Society 250.624.9498

    • Surrey:

1 Alpha Learning Centre Ltd. 604.220.2461
Advanced Learning Centre Ltd. 604.543.7300
BC Corps of Commissionaires 604.495.8201
BCTI Brar Career Training Institute Inc 604.502.7520
Canuck School of Education Ltd. 604.598.2424
CDI College of Business, Technology and Health Care 604.585.8585
Discovery Community College 604.930.9908
Lead Institute of Learning 604.594.7600
London Security Training Institute of BC 604.697.8700
Mainland Safety Training Company 604.617.0211
Study Hub Academy Ltd. 604.807.0203
Super Study Centre 604.503.6610

    • Trail:

Domcor Health, Safety & Security Ltd 250.286.3163

    • Vancouver:

Genesis Security Inc. 604.669.0822
London Security Training Institute Ltd. 604.697.0008
Mahadev Security Training Institute 604.568.5250
Securiguard Advanced Training 604.685.6011

    • Victoria:

Elite Security & First Aid Services 250.217.3355
Securiguard Advanced Training 250.388.3118
Paladin Security Group 604.677.8700

However, you need to submit the required documents and proof of security training course completion.

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