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Event Security


What does an event security service mean? How does it work? Like this, many queries arrive in people's minds when they hear about event security guard services. Event Security is very necessary to secure an event, the guests from crime, thieves, and burglars. There are many companies of event security in Surrey, Vancouver BC that provide safety in an event. One of them is Eagle eye security that provides the best event security services in Surrey, Vancouver BC. To secure your events you need to contact us for providing safety to your event and guests. The process of event security guard is very complex and requires extensive coordination and communication. If you are hosting an event in British Columbia, then it is very necessary to provide safety to your guests and staff. It's not possible to check every ticket buyer personally. So, you should hire our trained event security guards for events like wedding, birthday parties etc. We always ensure the safety of your guests and staff. At Eagle eye security, our expert wedding security guards do every work that is related to security. They minimize your maximum risks at events and also control the crowds. The larger the crowd, the more is the risks. So it's necessary to manage large crowds and secure every guest that comes to the event. Our well-trained event security guards also ensure that the crowd in the venue never crosses the capacity limit. Going beyond the capacity limit can result in a fine from the venue administrator. So it's important to look upon the crowd and never forget to check the crowd capacity limit. They ensure that guests do not enter the areas that are especially reserved for VIPs. In an event, there is a maximum risk for large-scale attacks like terrorist attacks and many more. So, it is necessary to be alert because small negligence can cause big troubles.

Eagle eye security is one of the leading Event Security Companies in Surrey BC. Our specialists make sure that there is thorough checking before entering the venue. All guest bags need to be checked and all the guests need to be checked by a body scanner. If there will be any sign of weapons the body scanner will detect it. They always keep an eye on abnormal behaviors of people like constantly staring at staff, surveilling the venue layout, lack of engagement, or feigned interest in event activities. Our team of skilled guards always stays in communication as it helps them to connect. If they notice any abnormal behaviors they inform immediately their teammates for instant actions. In this way, they prevent you from big damages. We offer the most excellent Wedding Security Services in Surrey BC. Our guards are very well-trained and will create a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for your guests. When it comes to event security, we always provide you expert guards who will never fail to provide security. Being #1 Event Security Company in BC, we also provide static security, also offer CCTV and mobile security patrol solutions for the shows, events and the whole event is monitored by our guards. The CCTV cameras will capture any potential threat or risky dangers. Before choosing an Event Security Company for your event, just check out our services and benefits for your safety.

Why Choose us?

  • Provides safety
  • They always work to meet your budget
  • Thorough checks before entering the venue and drugs testing on all employees
  • Detailed and extensive training programs
  • Proper planning to secure your event
  • Taken permission from the government to provide security services and fully licensed
  • Possess vast international knowledge of the trade
  • Uses latest technologies for communication

Special Event Security means to provide security in special events ranging from political events to sports events, from awards shows and entertainment events to product sales. There are three types of special events i.e. Private Events, Sporting Events, Public Events, and fairs & festivals. However, one guard is needed for every 100 guests to maintain order throughout the entire event. VIP protection for special events is very necessary because that attracts media and high-profile guests. At special events many politicians, celebrities will come for them. Special security services are very important. In an event, many types of people come so it's very difficult to detect who is a criminal and who is a good person. Trust us and contact us for protecting your guests as well as securing the event. Furthermore, we also provide Event Security Management. It's something about the management of an event. Behind a successful event, there is proper planning and well-trained guards. We are always ready to manage everything for a successful event with proper planning. Our staff is very expert in managing the whole event.


Our well-trained experts will access quickly to deter the inappropriate actions and provide you the best security services in .


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