Duties of Static Security Guards in Canada

Duties of Static Security Guards in Canada

Duties of Static Security

Guards in Canada

If you are unfamiliar with the term “static security”, then this is the right place you’ve landed on. On hearing the word “static security guard” you’re most likely to perceive it as security guards standing at just one position and cannot move or do their duties on the other side, but this is not the case. Today we are going to bust such myths. Being a static security guard in Abbotsford does not mean staying only in one place.

The main role of a static security guard is to conduct security patrols regularly, verification of identity, check sabotages, to protect the residents and employees of the building from unforeseen incidents. Instead of just sitting around all day, this job involves additional activities.

What is a Static Security Guard?

A static security guard is deployed at a specific location to provide security, such as at entrance points, to protect equipment, to manage crowds, to secure the scene, or to provide individual protection, being watchful to stop improper or unlawful conduct.

To understand the concept completely we will be discussing various duties performed by a static security guard further in detail.

To Protect your Property and Personnel against Damage like Fire, Water, and other Hazards 

A static security guard should be alert to both criminal and non-criminal dangers. They are supposed to be vigilant and warn the company of oncoming danger from storms, floods, and fires and make sure that everyone is out of the building and shelter in a safe area.

Safeguard your Assets

Static security guards are in charge of much more than just keeping a property safe from invaders. They are supposed to make sure that your property, valuables, and persons are always safeguarded which will help in preventing huge losses to the company; they are a terrific asset to have.

Ensure a Safe Environment 

A static security guard have to make sure the location is secure by checking all windows, doors, and other access points are locked, the alarm system is activated, and safety tools like fire extinguishers are working.

Prolonged Employment for a Certain State

 A static security guard will also monitor video surveillance, verify visitor identification, and keep an eye out for any suspicious behavior, such as noticing the timings of business’s working hours, loitering around the workplace, etc.

Provides Surveillance

For sure we can’t keep an eye on each and every activity of the business. In such cases, a static security officer with the help of closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, keeps an eye out for any unexpected or suspicious activities around the property.

Gate Operations

They are also responsible for gate operation and access control. Gate access management prevents unauthorized visitors from entering your gated community or commercial business through metal detectors, scanning devices, at entry checkpoints; reducing the risk of theft, damage, and violent crime every single day.

Temperature Tests at Entry Points

 We all are well aware of the impact of covid-19 on businesses. To ensure the safety and health of employees and visitors, safety guards are required to check the body temperatures of all the visitors including company personnel entering the premises.

Maintain Guest’s Book

A security officer also maintains a record of every single visitor entering the premises, their purpose, route, and leave reasons in the guest’s book.

Taking Care of the Company’s Resources

 We are all well aware that almost every company’s goal is optimum utilization of resources in the most effective manner. Static security guards are also responsible for reducing the company’s carbon footprint. They are supposed to make sure that all the systems of the company are turned off at the end of the day. They also ensure that wastage does not become a working danger.

In addition to protecting your company from any risks, hiring qualified static security personnel.

Static Security Guards For Commercial Areas

As it is stated above, looking out for every activity is not possible. Therefore, you are definitely going to need static security at some point and which could also be one of the reasons why you are reading this blog. Here are some points to consider and how they can be helpful to a business.

  1. Safeguarding the event security scene
  2. Reduces the chance of employees stealing from your company.
  3. Gives your staff and consumers a sense of security.
  4. Boosts a good image of the company
  5. Improve the financial awareness of your building’s employees

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