Top 5 Skills and Qualities of a Good Security Guard

Top 5 Skills and Qualities of a Good Security Guard

Every business today needs security guards which can handle emergency, life threatening situations and protect them from potential threats as well.

A good security guard must have these qualities – good observation skills, honesty and integrity, team player, empathy, good communication skills, hardworking, physical fitness. Note that in a security guard we focus on soft skills first than physical fitness.

If you are going to organize a party, business event, have an office building or warehouse, run a hotel or store you need the help of a security guard to safeguard your business assets and employees as well.

The job of a security guard is tough and requires a self driving individual who can take responsibility. To cope with these situations, a security guard must have certain skills, competency and qualities.

Finding a good security guard is tough and in many cases business owners are not aware of the qualities and skills that they need in a good security guard. One may implement CCTV monitoring, intrusion security systems etc. in their premises but all of these things cannot replace the role of a security guard.

In this blog, I will dig deep into the qualities and skills that are needed in a good security guard so that you do not hire a wrong candidate for the security of your business.

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1. Good Observation Skills

A good security guard must have good observation skills. A security guard should regularly observe the surroundings and if any suspicious activities are happening in the premises then they should report the upper management upfront and prevent the crimes.

A good security guard follows this quote – “Prevention is better than cure” which means rather than taking action after crime occurs, a security guard proactively avoids them. They need to be alert and focused all the time.

A security guard’s reaction must be efficient and quick if he finds any mysterious activity going on in his area.

2. Integrity and Honesty

Honesty and integrity are the qualities that cannot be checked when you are interviewing a candidate but if you have found security guards with these qualities then you must appreciate them.

Security guards in coquitlam usually work independently and report directly to the employer. These qualities play a keen role ensuring that your event or building is in safer hands. In many robberies, the security guard is bribed and thieves successfully robbed the valuable supplies from the premises.

If your security guard is reliable then he will inform you first if anything like this happens. This will be helpful in saving your business from the risk of robbery or even can save the life of the person working there.

To check if your security guard has these qualities, always take feedback from their previous employers or check their backgrounds in the security business.

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3. Teamplayer and Leadership Qualities

A security guard must be a team player and have the ability to lead. Effective cooperation of the security department with other departments has a direct impact on security standards of an organization.

If the security guard has the ability to lead then he can manage the crowds properly in an event in case of an emergency.

You cannot judge from a person’s face that if he has these qualities or not but if the security guard worked as a policeman, fire fighter or was in the army then the probability of having these qualities in them is more.

4. Good Communication Skills and Empathy

Communication skills are mandatory if you want to be successful in any field of life. In the case of a security guard this trait results in resolving many issues related with the security.

The security guard has to coordinate with the guard sitting in the surveillance room, high level executives, visitors, police, firefighters, guests etc. If they have good communication skills then they can effectively manage the situations.

A security guard is the first person that a visitor or business partner sees and if he has good communication skills then it will have a good impression on the person they are dealing with.

With good communication skills comes empathy which means seeing and understanding the other person’s point of view and responding according to that. This quality helps security guards in solving the conflicts at an event or in a workspace without any external intervention of higher authority.

5. Physical Fitness

Physical fitness plays an important role and this is the only quality that can be judged by open eyes. You do not want a security guard who has a big belly and is lazy. As it is said that a healthy mind stays in a healthy body, if a security guard is healthy then he will perform his duties with full efficiency and alertness.

The job of a security guard demands physical fitness because they have to patrol large areas, control crowds, stay up all night, chase the thief etc.Usually a security guard with army, police, fire fighting or sports background will be physically fit.


So what do you need to look for in a security guard? A good one will have qualities like being able to handle difficult situations, having the ability to think on their feet and be proactive, as well as strong communication skills.

In addition, they should also be committed and reliable with an outgoing personality that can engage with people easily.

If you’re looking for a qualified candidate who fits these qualifications then reach out today! We guarantee we’ll provide quality 24 hour security services according to your needs no matter how long it takes us or how much work is required of us because we care about our clients and making sure they get exactly what they want. Contact us now so we can start working together!

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