Six Benefits of Hiring Virtual Security Guards

Six Benefits of Hiring Virtual Security Guards

What are Virtual Security


Virtual Security Guards are the security guards that monitor your location by using CCTV cameras or other surveillance systems remotely. Unlike on-site security guards, they are not present on the site but monitor all the places from the central location on their monitor or television screens. Hiring virtual security guards saves you a lot of money. They are also called as CCTV surveillance security guards or remote security guards. Most of the Virtual Security Guards are professionally trained and have a background in the military or police force. They look for suspects of the crime and take preventive measures before the situation becomes too tense. With speakers installed in cameras they can warn someone if they are entering a crime sensitive area, give instructions to people who are not acquainted with the dangers involved at a particular place, inform the police or ambulance in case of any mishap.
They are at the first line of response if some threatening situation arises and protect the life and assets of your business. The virtual Security system leverages the power of internet, video surveillance along with trained man power thus making it reliable and affordable. In this article, I will show you six reasons why you should hire virtual security guards for your business or your home:- But first of all, Let’s explore the duties and responsibilities of armed and unarmed security guards.

1. Reduces Cost of Security

If you hire the onsite security guards for your business then you have to place a guard at every place where you can suspect a chance of a mishap or crime. Suppose you have 10 places like this then you have to pay 10 security guards which is not a feasible option.

Another option is to install a video surveillance system at all 10 places and build a central monitoring station off site from where a security guard will monitor all these places. By recruiting one security guard instead of ten you are saving money on salaries and maintenance.

A virtual security guard sits in central monitoring and keeps an eye on everything that is happening on the premises. Although installing a video surveillance system and building a central monitoring system will still cost you money. Investing in this technology will save you money in the long run and adds an extra layer of security on your business assets.

2. Safe and Reliable System

Virtual security guarding systems are safer and more reliable than any other security systems.There are some areas in every business premises where entry of humans is strictly prohibited like harmful chemical handling units, costly inventories etc. If you place a normal security guard at that place then in case of any abnormal situation there is risk to the safety of the guard as well as the asset itself. By using a virtual security guard you are eliminating human presence and getting the benefit of monitoring the area from multiple angles using CCTV cameras. So, this system is more reliable than traditional security systems.

Moreover, a security guard can be present at one place at a time and covers the security of a small amount of area only. Using a virtual surveillance system, you can leverage manpower and monitor various areas by just sitting in a chair. Due to improvements in technology we have very clear night vision cameras, which are helpful in monitoring the area during nights. This is very successful in low populated areas where chances of robbery are high and using a virtual security guard you are not even risking the life of the guard as if something happens to them in the field then according to the law you are liable for that guard.

3. They Don’t Lie

What if your traditional security guards take bribes and help the thief in robbery. Who knows, these kinds of situations can be a major setback for your business. With security cameras and guards, these kinds of situations do not arise because everything is being recorded on a hard disk or stored in the cloud. You can view old recordings and investigate the situation on the basis of truth. These recordings serve as proof and help police to find the culprits. WIth these recordings, you can monitor the cause of the mishap or accident and take preventive measures in future to optimize your business’ security.

4. Accessible on Your Smartphone

Some security solutions also provide a customised URL or app to monitor real time activity through CCTV on your mobile phone. This gives you 24 hour access to monitor the activities happening in premises and see what your employees are doing. As a business owner it is your responsibility also that all the tasks of your business are executed smoothly and safely by your team.

The virtual security guards in Langley directly reports the owner and does security audits regularly. It is their responsibility to make the business owner aware if they have found any kind of suspicious activities happening on the premises.

5. Virtual Guards Are Proactive

Virtual security guards are proactive in nature. When they see any kind of crime happening, they proactively turn on all alarms, strobe lights and inform the police if necessary. This will scare the thief and protect your assets from major robbery. You can even replay the recording afterwards to see the activities of the thief and identify the weak points. Improving these weak points will increase your security of premises and give you peace of mind as well.

6. AI Based Technology

Many security companies offer AI based machine learning technology that determines what is the potential threat and integrates with your fire alarm system, burglars or intrusion systems. For example, in case of fire, your fire extinguishing system will start only when the smoke sensors detect some kind of smoke but in the case of an AI system, it triggers them quickly when this kind of potential threat arises. This adds an additional layer of security to your business Now you know the potential benefits of hiring virtual security guards and how this system is helpful in protecting your life and assets. Businesses present in any industry can get these benefits from the combination of CCTV surveillance system and security guard.
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